Drain clogs are super serious situations causing lots of inconveniences for you. And if it happens in your commercial area, then the problem is bigger. And dealing with it costs you lots of working hours, not to mention the health risks of your employees and customers caused due to it. So, isn’t it best to maintain the same properly instead of facing such huge issues later?

Best tips to maintain your commercial drains properly!

Your commercial drains aren’t limited to your bathrooms and kitchen. The line goes throughout your laundry room to the corridor, canteen, and even to the basement. That is why when there is an issue in this drain system you have to call for a CCTV pipe inspection to know about the issue. That is why maintaining it is considered so important. And if you want to know the tips to maintain it, read on.

o   Ensure you aren’t pouring sticky substances down the drain — If you want your drains to stay clear without giving you any trouble, avoid pouring sticky substances like oil, grease, fats, etc. in it. It’s because these eventually form a large chunk of matter in the drain and clog it drastically. And when such a tough clog happens, you can’t solve the issue without calling for the commercial drain cleaning service from Casabene Group. They have both the experience and knowledge to deal with such issues and solve them perfectly for you.

o   Always keep your drain trap intact — Your drain trap is like a shield that protects your drain. It blocks all kinds of small and big items from entering your drain and that’s why the issue of drain clogging never appears. So, never ever move or remove it at any cost.

o   Keep the floor clean — Cleaning the floor timely is also very important if you want your drain to stay intact. Otherwise, it becomes quite easy for the debris, hair, and stationery remains to enter the drain and cause serious issues later.

o   Avoid keeping the drains dry — Drying drain is a serious issue that often leads to unbearable smell and odour in your commercial place. This is obviously very unhealthy and unbearable for the place. So, keep using or cleaning it regularly so that these problems don’t occur.

o   Keep using drain cleaning chemicals and tricks regularly — To avoid any kind of huge problem in your drain, be regular in pouring cleaning chemicals, liquid, or just plain hot water in the drain. This keeps on cleaning and dissolving the impurities regularly. 

o   Schedule a professional drain cleaning session regularly — Another great drain maintenance trick is to schedule a professional drain cleaning session regularly. This also avoids any kind of dirt build up in the drains and keeps it clean and properly flowing.

These tricks are enough to save you from the horror of facing clogged drains in your commercial centre. Ensure to follow them regularly to keep your office clean, healthy and properly working.