Like every second homeowner, even you think that cleaning the drainage or maintaining them is a cakewalk and you are an expert in it. Well, do you think you are capable enough to get your hands dirty cleaning your drainage thoroughly? We can imagine the face you make at this thought! And this proves one thing – you aren’t an expert in drainage. Well, this is the biggest myth that we just debunked about drainage cleaning. There are some more such useless misconceptions revolving around drainages which you easily believe. It’s finally time to burst them all at one go.

Peculiar Myths About Drainage Cleaning that Require Debunking!

Now that you have accepted the fact that you aren’t an expert in drain cleaning, it is important to remember that whenever you face any small or big issues in this system you have to immediately call the drain cleaning plumber from Casabene Group. They are the best in the town and immediately arrive at your place to tackle drainage issues of any kind easily. But if you still believe these myths around drain cleaning, you will have some issues in accepting the need to contact them.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are The Best – There are lots of homeowners who consider chemical drain cleaners a one-stop solution for any kind of problem in the drainage system. They think it is a magic powder that immediately cleans the entire pipeline and makes the water flow freely in the system. But this is actually not the case. Though these decompose some of the impurities in the system, but actually these get settled at the bottom which causes issues after some time. And even your pipeline is at a risk because of the harsh chemicals present in these solutions.

 DIY Drain Cleaning is Easy and Effective – Okay, so you probably tried the DIY drain cleaning method with a rod and it did work! Well, lucky for you, it actually succeeded in forcing the dirt to go further down and your drain works fine now. But this might not always be the case. This was a simple DIY technique which just delayed your problem but didn’t cure it entirely. If DIY was that simple and effective, then what would be no need to call all those trained experts in drain cleaning in Melbourne. Wouldn’t all of us then tackle the issues on our own?

Slow Drainage is Normal — You know this isn’t true and clearly a myth! Then how can you believe it? Do you think delay in water passing through the drains is normal? Wouldn’t it cause lots of overflowing scenarios in your house then? Actually your drain gets slow because of the partial clog that happens due to fine particles getting settled in the pipeline. Remember, a slow drain isn’t at all normal and you shouldn’t accept it at all.

This is the set of bigger myths about drain cleaning that you’ll hear or read about very frequently. There can be more like eggshells and tissues being flushed in the drains is entirely normal or just taking out the hair from this system will save you the hassle of drain blockage. Remember, the truth is beyond these points and you shouldn’t actually let anything solid enter your drainage pipes and only get it cleared by the experts!