Planting trees and shrubs in your yard is the most amazing feeling in the world! And when you so lovingly plant these saplings in the place, don’t you know that these will grow over the course of time and their roots will go haywire in any direction? Well, that’s how one fine day you find your sewer system blocked and water refusing to go anymore through the system. And there are high possibilities that you have the trees of your garden blocking the system partially or completely.

The essential steps to take once you find the roots of trees blocking your pipelines!

The most irritating things to find in your drainage system are the tree roots (which are stronger than most of the things around) creating nuisances in your drainage system. Yes, the issue is a serious one and you’ll have to find a solution immediately. Well, here are the options that you have in this serious condition.

Check the depth of the situation — You can proceed with solving the problem by first being aware of the depth of the issue. Obviously, you can’t peep directly into the pipe’s length and find the real problem. In this case, the best option for you is to utilise a CCTV camera and get a better view of the sewer system and the roots obstructing the drainage via your pipelines. Let’s not forget that this task is best handled by the experts who take care of the most severe drainage problems like storm water drain cleaning or checking the depth of such issues through CCTV cameras.

Clear the drainage completely by cutting off the roots in the depth —The next option available with you is to clear the entire drainage and sewer system thoroughly. And for this you will have to call the professionals who will carry out the task easily for you. They will clear out each and every root from the system and even replace the broken or cracked side of the pipelines.

Remove the offending trees entirely — You can even ensure that this problem never arises again and cut off the roots or poison the plant or tree that is causing the hindrance. Practically, this solution is only temporary though. You never know when again there would be a tree growing in this place and recreating the mess for you in some years’ time.

Simply relocate the pipeline — So far this is the best option to consider when you have serious problems with the tree roots and your drainage or sewer system. When you are relocating or relining the pipelines, the new system is laid after a very careful survey of your property — that is why you won’t face such issues anymore in the future. But of course, to make this happen successfully, you’ll only have to call the experts in pipe relining in Melbourne from Casabene Group. They help you in dealing with all the drainage related issues and even provide the best solutions possible.

So, the next time you find the roots giving you a tough time through drainage blocks and issues in the sewer system, you know what solution you can opt for from the above list. But ensure that the solution is long-lasting and full proof from all aspects.