CCTV Drain & Pipe Inspections Melbourne 

CCTV drain inspection has paved the way to make locating an issue in the drains much easier.

CCTV Drain Inspection Melbourne

Identifying leaks, cracks in underlying pipes is a complex job and when done manually costs huge. CCTV drain inspection is an innovative and cost effective way to know problems in pipes.

We, at Casabene Group, specialise in all types of CCTV pipe inspection and drain inspection in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. With modern camera equipment and accurate reporting, we are confident of providing effective drainage solutions and preventive measures to our clients.

Whether it is a blocked drain or cracked pipe, our highly experienced mechanics are trained to perform CCTV drain inspection in Melbourne on all types of pipes. The drainage inspection helps to take the best solution rather investing resources on other ineffective methods.

What is a CCTV Drain Inspection?

CCTV drain inspection is examining and monitoring of drainage and pipes for repair or rehabilitation. A drain camera system is used for this purpose which records video and provides data on the underlying problems such as broken or damaged pipes. A CCTV inspection is useful in providing reliable data and documented analysis of the drains and pipes on issues that are currently being experienced.

A CCTV inspection eliminates the guesswork and enables us to analyse the issue and propose a solution to the problem in a timely efficient manner.

So, if you need a professional CCTV drain inspection in Melbourne or surrounds, then contact us today.

How Does CCTV Drain Inspection Work?

So, how does CCTV drain inspection work? Our trained technician will insert a high-resolution drain camera into the pipe for CCTV inspection. The radio transmitters on the camera record the physical location and severity of the damage, blockage, or leak. The flexible camera apparatus can easily navigate through twists and turns while examining pipes.

This video footage is examined by our technician in real-time on a monitor and the video is saved for future reference. The visual evidence, as well as the accurate data, assist our technicians to diagnose problems and recommend effective solutions. After the repair has been completed, a follow-up video inspection is taken to ensure that the problem has been eliminated. This gives you the confidence and peace of mind that the drainage problem has been resolved. Thus, a CCTV drain inspection is the cost effective method to repair a blocked drain, pipe and more!

Why we use CCTV Cameras for Pipe Inspection

CCTV cameras are widely used by our team to visually record the pipework or a blocked drain, which gives an indication of dislodgement or breaks in the pipes. This is achieved by the camera entering through the stormwater drain and sewer drainage system. The entire procedure is recorded, and a report will be provided to the client indicating if repair work is required in the drain.

CCTV drain inspection with the camera is continuing to be a useful tool for our builder clients. Each new dwelling has an inspection conducted after the slab is poured with the technician inserting the camera through the sewer lines. This ensures the lines are clear of breaks and blockages and protects the builder from any future claims.

Of late, an increasing number of our builder clients are requesting this service, understandably with the ease of completing repairs at this stage of construction rather than after the dwelling has been occupied. It is also a handy tool for the builder to identify at which stage of the construction were the damages done.

We are the CCTV drain inspection specialists in Melbourne you can rely upon.


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Hydro Static Testing / Flood Testing

We often use this method of leak detection in the drain, where a CCTV camera inspection has been carried out and there are no visible defects or breaks found in the pipes.

The procedure followed is for the technician to cap the sewerage or stormwater drain system with a plug or balloon. He will then fill the pipes or the drain with water and observe the water level from a riser or any other available access point. He will wait and observe the water level for at least 15 minutes and if the water level drops, then we have evidence of a leak in the drain. The severity of the leak will be indicated by the speed of the water level dropping.

Our professionals then advise the best drain solution to keep your pipes running. So, hire the Melbourne drain specialists from Casabene Group, and get your work done perfectly.

Static Isolation Testing / Flood Testing

This method is used once a leak in the sewerage or stormwater system has been detected, but we still need to determine the exact location of the leak.

We use an inflatable balloon and water for this procedure. We will insert the balloon into the pipe and inflate it. We will then fill the pipe with water and observe the water level from a riser or any other available access point. If the water level is dropping, then there is a leak.

The balloon is slowly moved along the pipe and the above process is continually repeated until the water level ceases to drop. This indicates the location of the leak.

This is a slow and time-consuming method for drain inspection, but it is extremely precise in locating the defective area.

Why Choose Us for CCTV Survey

With over 40 years of experience in the plumbing and drainage industry, we are confident in providing our clients with quick and effective solutions to drainage problems through our CCTV drain inspection. The following reasons are just some of many for you to choose the Casabene Group

State-of-the-art equipment that assists in diagnosing the problem

Specialised tools and machinery for an effective solution

Continuous research and evaluation of new solutions to drainage problems

A team of experienced, licensed and trained technicians

Regular training to ensure our technicians stay updated

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