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Don’t let blocked drains turn your home into a nasty place.

Drain Cleaning Plumber

If pouring hot water down the blocked drain doesn’t clear the blockage, contact Casabene Group who provides professional drain cleaning services for the whole of Melbourne, Vic.

We have a team of experienced drain cleaning plumbers in Melbourne who will clean, repair and maintain commercial and residential drains using industry-leading techniques.

Direct service from the drain cleaning van can be provided 7 days a week throughout Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas.

Our technicians respond swiftly to drainage emergencies and are available by appointment for non-urgent works, such as maintenance, new installations or general plumbing services.

Unblock Drains in Melbourne

Drains in a building interconnect toilets, sinks, and showers to the main drain in the municipal sewer. Clogs and build-ups can take place anywhere in these networks of pipes, obstructing the free flow of water.

There are multiple reasons that a drain can become blocked. Tree roots are a major cause of drain blockages in Melbourne. Flushing down foreign objects like nappies, baby wipes, toys, hair, is a common occurrence in households. Also, grease build-up and food waste are common causes of drain blockages in kitchens. Whatever the reason, clogged drains are not something you should tolerate for any period.

Now you can quickly unblock drains in Melbourne with the help of our drain cleaning service.

Get in touch with us today, and our team of expert technicians will diagnose the problem quickly, fix it, and have your drains flowing again, all at a very economical cost.


Contact us today to get a free quotation, one of our friendly staff will assist you ASAP. 

How Do Plumbers Unblock Drains

We, at Casabene Group, have the expertise to handle all types of drain blockages. We send our CCTV cameras through the drains to locate the cause of the obstruction. We then use high-pressure jets to clear the drains of the objects that are blocking them. In the case of tree roots, we will send down a sewer snake to grind and cut through the roots for drain clearing.

Through our advanced methods, we are even able to clear the drains of any debris, fat, grout, silt, concrete, etc. The foreign materials can enter your drains from various sources and keep accumulating over the months. Before they cause any major blockage and incur a hefty repair bill, it is advisable to get your drains cleaned at least once in two years or more frequently if your drainage system is old or is built around trees.

Whether you need an emergency service or merely drain maintenance, we are here to assist you. Our expert plumbers are always ready to help.

To find out more about our services, or to get a quote, feel free to contact our friendly staff on (03) 9369 8555.

Why Choose Us

With over 40 years of experience in this industry, we will provide our clients with a quick and effective solution to drainage problems. Following are just a small number of reasons to choose
the Casabene Group.

State-of-the-art equipment that assists in diagnosing the problem

Specialised tools and machinery for an effective solution

Continuous research and evaluation of new solutions to drainage problems

A team of experienced, licensed and trained technicians

Regular training to ensure our technicians stay updated

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Jim Zacharias
Jim Zacharias
22:16 22 Nov 20
Good but I think you could take me a easier way
Monica Lu
Monica Lu
01:18 14 Oct 20
Very fast response. Professional gears and great service overall.
Zhen Liang
Zhen Liang
10:11 12 Oct 20
Gratifying service and they are very professional in what they do.
christine costanzo
christine costanzo
02:54 22 Jul 20
Worse possible outcome, an inspection & report had to be done for foul odor in shower Alex found the main contributor... for the smell was due to grouting stuck in drain when house was built, but in the report he wrote another reason for smell which cannot be correct & didn’t make any sense. I rang the company to have the report corrected to the truth but Sharon said too late the report is done & cannot be changed I asked to speak to the owner of the company and she hung up on me.read more
munz matenga
munz matenga
02:35 05 Jun 20
Very friendly and service expentonal
Sam Watson
Sam Watson
04:46 02 Jun 20
Dan Khan
Dan Khan
04:23 21 Aug 19
They are very professional in their services
Bruno Ciotti
Bruno Ciotti
12:57 06 Jul 18
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